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John was born in February of 1941 and raised in Flint, Michigan. His was a middle-class family. His father was a musician and a radio disk jockey. His mother wrote short stories and radio scripts. His mother and father had a Sunday afternoon radio program. His mother wrote the scripts, and both parents played the different characters.
As a teen, John worked at a gun shop and learned a great deal about weapons, hunting, and shooting. He became an instructor for shooting skeet and trap. John came in second as junior state champion. This training came in handy when he joined the Marines in 1959 after high school.
In the Marines, John graduated boot camp with a promotion and sent to Camp Pendleton to work as a small arms repairman. He attended several weapons classes, always finishing in the top ten in his class.
John later was assigned to a guard company in Guam. During this tour, John and another marine were involved in a prolonged gunfight with six intruders in a highly restricted area. They captured five of the intruders and the sixth was captured the next day. They were given letters of accommodation for “Prompt and heroic action while in a restricted area.” John returned to the states just in time to be deployed to Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Upon his return from Cuba, John was honorably discharged.
John spent the next several years working in law enforcement in California. He was a city officer, federal officer, and a deputy. Police officers did not make a great deal of money back then. By now John was married with two children. He began working in heavy construction as a teamster driving the big heavy trucks you often see in mining. During this time the family decided to move back to Michigan. Unlike California, construction work in Michigan was seasonal, so he sought a more stable job.
John found it in foundry work. He began work as a mold maker and eventually worked his way up to superintendent of a three shift 210 man shop. It was during this time that he saw a business opportunity.
John wrote a business plan for a security patrol. The business started out with three employees and two patrol vehicles. In a short span of time, it grew to 110 employees, with a superbly trained team of bodyguards. The business expanded into international sales of equipment. During this time John attended schools and became certified as a bodyguard and a security driver. His company protected high profile people from executives to visiting royalty. They also contracted to investigate drugs in the workplace and internal theft, working closely with local and state agencies.
The security business required John to travel across the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea and the Middle East. He met and worked with men and women of different Special Forces from around the world, and law enforcement. John met and befriended high officials in Eastern Europe many of whom he still communicates.
John sold the business several years ago and retired to Las Vegas, Nevada. He began writing using his experiences and knowledge of the military and police. John has written one novel, “The House of Crow” and is now writing the prequel, “White Crow”. John has written one movie script, “Deadly Purpose”, dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. John has two more scripts that that are works in progress.
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Quotes THE HOUSE of CROW Former Marines, Early, and Behr, are looking for the man who killed Early’s wife. But after the two declare war on the Detroit drug trade in their search for the killer, they realize that none of their training has prepared them for the moment when they come face to face with the killer. A man with a violent history, Early killed fourteen men in Afghanistan because they killed his friends. What is he ready to do to the man who killed his loved one? — John W Wood —